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Mystery and Exclusivity: Exploring the Speakeasy Culture in Mérida

In the world of nightlife, speakeasies have re-emerged as iconic venues that combine mystery, exclusivity and a unique theme. Sprung up during Prohibition-era America, these speakeasies have captivated the modern crowd looking for an off-the-beaten-path, intimate experience. In Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, they have also joined this trend, and two speakeasies have become popular destinations: Malahat and Flamel. In this blog, we will discover how people seek less crowded places and the exciting speakeasie culture in Mérida.

The allure of speakeasies:

Speakeasies are characterized by their clandestine atmosphere and the feeling of exclusivity they offer. People are drawn to the idea of discovering secret places and enjoying an intimate experience, away from the bustle of conventional bars. These venues pride themselves on their unique theme, which can include vintage decorations, live music, and high-quality mixology. Speakeasies have become popular destinations for those looking for an unforgettable night out and an exceptional drinking experience.


Go through the refrigerator door

One of the most fascinating speakeasies in Mérida is Malahat. To access this place, you must find a refrigerator door hidden in a parking lot behind Santa Lucia Park. Going through that door will transport you to a world of elegance and mystery. Malahat’s interior is decorated in a retro style, and low lighting creates an intimate atmosphere. Here, expert mixologists create unique cocktails using quality ingredients and innovative techniques. From reinvented classics to original creations, each drink is a masterpiece that will delight your senses.


Reserve and reveal the secret

Flamel, another notable Mérida speakeasy, offers an even more exclusive experience. To discover its exact location, you must make a reservation and wait for the secret to be revealed to you. This adds an exciting element to the adventure, as only privileged guests know the way to this enigmatic place. Once inside, you will be immersed in a sophisticated environment with carefully designed décor and impeccable attention to detail. Flamel’s drinks menu stands out for its elegance, with options ranging from sophisticated classics to signature creations. Each sip will envelop you in an unforgettable sensory experience.

The preference for exclusive places:

The growing preference for less crowded and more exclusive places reflects the search for unique and personalized experiences. People seek to escape crowded spaces and enjoy a more intimate environment, where they can socialize and enjoy unique drinks.